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Office Productivity

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Office 365 / Teams

Within the Liftoff portfolio, there are at least a dozen providers of migration and support services for Office 365. Here are 3 of the best. Some have integrated services between O-365, Teams and Phone.


From here we sift and sort by your needs compared to the providers' capabilities, strengths and reputation. We'll conduct an assessment and present you with your best options.

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Here, our decision-making will be part size of your company and another part what, if any, other email platforms are you supporting.

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Work from Home

Many companies are implementing work from home (WFH) policies to keep their employees safe. However, this puts a burden on both IT staff and end users, to maintain the levels of security and productivity they've grown accustomed to. This is where cloud and managed IT providers come into play. They can implement solutions rapidly and effectively so that businesses can bridge the IT gap and focus on what really matters.

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