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IT Management Consulting

CIO/CTO/CISO as a Service

People First


People, processes and tools are the basis for any successful strategy. But, the processes and the tools are determined by people. Usually, our consulting engagements are initiated by organizations who realize that they are either short handed or don't have the right expertise on staff. Liftoff has, as members of its team, both subject matter experts (SME) or independent consultants who are seasoned C-level veterans. The SMEs are broken out by solutions categories and the C-level consultants by management disciplines.


The best way to think of our service to you is that it is bespoke. Approaches tailored to your needs. For example, our consulting team may take on the role of chief cloud officer, reporting to the technology leader in an organization. In the next assignment, he or she may take on the role of interim CIO, CTO or CISO. It really depends on your situation. Objectivity is the key for our consultants with an eye on your business needs. Since we don’t have any axe to grind we will always stay focused on how best to move you forward to a more effective and efficient technology operation.

The Meter Isn't Running


Naturally, our first meeting with you is without cost. If we can get some idea of where you stand on your journey to better technology operations, we can give you an idea of how best to engage.


If you have a half hour to invest in a phone call, so do we. Give us a shout.

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