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IT Support Services

Complete Third-Party Maintenance Support Under One Contract

Break free from manufacturer constraints with global, 24/7 technical support, advanced hardware replacement and complete lifecycle management of networking and data center equipment under one global contract. It’s all here at LiftOff IT.



Third-party maintenance IT support reduces operating costs while increasing flexibility. With faster response times, flexible maintenance contracts, customized support solutions and the opportunity to extend your asset lifecycle, trusting your maintenance needs to a third-party vendor decreases capital expenditures and supports a smart IT strategy.


Liftoff partners with the largest independent third-party IT maintenance company in the world, with offices in 12 countries and more than 100 staffed service locations. This allows us to service organizations across the globe while maintaining the agility to operate locally in markets across three continents.


Our customized maintenance solutions help free IT from expensive manufacturer contracts and relieve the burden of daily support tasks.


You’re a candidate for Third Party Maintenance if you’re asking these questions.

  • How do I maintain stability today while preparing for the future?    

  • How do I free up budget (OPEX & CAPEX) to fund Cloud initiative?

  • How do I maintain the highest level of service for stability without paying a premium?


The problem with OEM IT support is that it locks you into 3+ years of Traditional IT.  Our third-party partners offer flexible contract length. 


An Assessment of current state provides the starting point, capture revenue/profit on support contracts, allowing you to be a step ahead of your competition while providing your customer time to develop their cloud strategy with you.


Our TPM partner support offers YOU 30% minimum GP on new opportunities. We personally offer you 40-70% off traditional support, freeing up funds for cloud strategy and transformation. For everything from creating a “backup from cloud” system to migrating your entire operation, we can help.

OEM Support Brands Covered

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