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IT Operations as a Service



  • Visibility of all assets, closet to cloud
  • Established processes & runbook automation
  • Both dedicated and shared sevices model
  • 24X7X365
  • Audit trail (video) of engineering sessions
  • ITIL Best Practices
  • ISO 27001
  • Variable SLAs priced independantly
  • Scalable workforce


Remote Windows Management

Remote Linux Management

Solution Overview

Our clients typically see benefits of 30-50% cost savings in streamlining their IT operations. This is achieved through leveraging our shared-services model to repetitive, level-one activities, while freeing up your staff to focus on performance and availability of their core IT applications. For about the same price as competitive monitoring tools, our clients mix in our services to match their requirements. All completely scalable up or down. In addition, the Vistara platform provides single-pane-of-glass views and visibility into heterogeneous and disparate IT infrastructure that can now be monitored, accessed and managed independent of where they exist – on-premise or cloud, by us OR by you.

We become an additional, scalable work-force to your team. Co-sourcing. Not out-sourcing.