Managed Open-Stack


Imagine building a house without lifting a hammer, navigating the streets of Bogota without knowing a word of Spanish, or deploying a custom OpenStack environment without touching a computer. Let Unitas Global architect and guide you through the world of OpenStack. Our vendor agnostic solutions allow you to leverage the true benefits of OpenStack without the DIY hassle.


Because we are fully vendor agnostic, independent from any hardware or software company, we truly support a multi-vendor approach at the hardware and software level. This allows OpenStack to fully support the movement against vendor lock-in.


With Security at the forefront of OpenStack concerns, we tackle any issues head-on. We can architect a solution to fit your security requirements. Using secure data messaging, encryption, and physically separated tenants, you can sleep easy. Our highlighted security features include:


  • Tenant separation

  • SOC2, ISO 27001, HIPPA Compliancy


Through our team of dedicated, expert OpenStack developers and avid enthusiasts, we work to custom architect the OpenStack solution allowing your infrastructure the flexibility and scalability your applications require.


With our Unitas AtlasTM unified monitoring platform, you can have full visibility into your OpenStack environment. Instead of scanning endless lines of code, our customizable dashboard and single pane of glass view allows you to easily check the health of your environment.


Our OpenStack solutions are designed, deployed and managed to meet the needs of your application. We make sure your team is ready to take the reigns before any handoff is complete. Post handoff, our customer service team is trained, qualified, and available to help you with any onboarding issues.


Through Unitas AtlasTM our unified monitoring platform, you can receive full insight to comprehensively manage the health and performance of your OpenStack environment. Our Cloud Management Center then provides 24x7x365 support.


When your applications are built on the foundations of legacy technologies, it can be difficult to find the necessary expertise to integrate with OpenStack. With access to technology experts, we design OpenStack solutions to meet your needs.


Unitas can build your infrastructure solution to share workloads between the major public cloud providers (AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google). You will be able to easily provision and manage via our Unitas OpenStack web interface.



80% of Enterprises Have Deployed or Plan to Deploy OpenStack