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Managed services are here to stay. Why? Because they make so much sense, particularly in an industry where new technologies emerge faster than one can be proficient in them. IT is continually being challenged to be a part of the over-all strategic business team. The good news with that is the people who’ve chosen a technology discipline for their career are being asked to contribute with their ideas about how to use technology to improve sales, profits and brand.

The bad news is that technology has become more complicated, not less. More languages to learn, disruptive technologies to understand and more sophisticated customers than ever. Can you do it all? If the answer is, “No” then the question becomes where and how will you develop your proficiencies? And what technology proficiencies are you better off to buy from an outside service provider?

At LiftOff IT, we’ve seen this question answered in a variety of ways:

Lose the mundane – There are tasks that people with a career in mind do not want to do. You know what those are. These are the jobs that don’t pay particularly well and those who take these jobs tend to be looking for something else almost day one.

Specialty disciplines – I’m sure you can think of a handful of technologies that you are struggling to manage. The people who do understand them are hard to find, expensive to hire and sitting ducks for competitors with a bigger bank-roll.

Your time is wanted elsewhere – It isn’t uncommon for us to hear about organizations where their top level engineers spend 50% or more of their time on un-planned work, aka “Fire-fighting.” Future projects get pushed back, frustration mounts and morale starts to erode.

Through our partner network we have discovered a wide variety of managed service providers, as well as all kinds of cloud-enabled X-as-a-Service solutions. We understand how to help you solve the puzzle of where to start and how to show ROI.

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