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In IT the only constant is change. Never has this been more true than now, with cloud transformation. In a recent research study it was estimated that there are now, more than 20,000 technology vendor choices available, spanning the entire landscape of technology and services. How does a single operator keep his current environment running AND research the best options for upgrades all at the same time?

At LiftOff IT, we think we've come up with a good solution for you. It's applied experience to the widest possible assortment of technology options. We accomplish by utilizing the services of others through a network of consulting partners and a master network of vendor options. This gives you the benefit of learning from others who have already done what you're contemplating and access to the broadest collection of choices.

Best solution. Best prices.

Plus, one contact point to control and manage them all. So, now you can broaden your vendor choices without driving yourself crazy trying to remember every single contact for a diverse assortment of technologies.

The consulting partners of LiftOff IT have very solid backgrounds and many years of experience on the buying side in enterprise environments. This means that they also understand that you have a process to follow and others within your organization who need to buy in.

So, we are constantly on the lookout for new solutions that solve problems in IT. From human resources to address imbalances in staffing to tools that give you the upper hand in gaining control of your infrastructure. We are about the idea of bringing together best-of-breed consulting and technical partners, to help organizations conquer the complexity of IT.

Give us a look and then let's talk. Strategies to your objectives are here.


Dear Friends,

I am pleased to present LiftOff IT 2.0. A radically different business design, melding consulting with a cloud services practice.

We believe that the average buyer of technology does not have time to talk to 10 vendors, much less scan the market for best-of-breed and distruptive technologies.

We also believe that you would rather create a plan and execute based upon the recommendations of experienced pros versus carving out big chunks of time to review vendors.

We have assembled what we think are some of the brightest people in technology to help you with your cloud decisions. Most of them have sat on your side of the desk.

I look forward to hearing from you and learning how you think about technology and how you want it to serve you, your customers and your brand for years to come.



David L. Bondo
Managing Partner

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