Infrastructure as a Service

What is IaaS?

Cloud Compute & Managed Hosting are commonly referred to as Infrastructure as
a Service (IaaS). This offering can be any combination of shared (multi-tenant)
virtual servers or dedicated physical or virtual servers that are located in the service
provider’s data center(s). Customers may choose shared/public or
dedicated/private based on their application or compliance requirements. The
provider will manage the compute hardware (servers, network, and storage), and
optionally the virtualization, OS, database and application layers as well. The
provider will also deliver very high uptime (99.9% +), as well as security, backup,
disaster recovery, Active Directory integration, etc. as the client requires.

IaaS & Managed Hosting - Customer Example

A customer needed a platform that supported Microsoft and Linux, a way to avoid
the pain of managing their own hardware, and access to on-demand, high-quality
engineering support. They were able to find a cloud solution featuring dynamic
allocation of resources, a large global footprint, and top-of-the-line support that
exceeded all their needs. Moreover, the entire transition took less than three
weeks, and the ROI was 20% stronger than their previous setup.

Why Consider IaaS?

  • Focus on core competencies
  • OpEx payments, not CapEx
  • Pay for only what you use
  • Flexibility to scale up and down as needed
  • Agility to provision resources almost instantly
  • Allows IT to become strategic instead of maintaining the status quo

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