IT Operations Analytics - Applying big data strategies to IT operations performance improvement.

By the year 2020, it is expected that ITOA will be a $10 Billion/year market. ITOA allows IT teams visibility into the cause and effect of abnormalities in the computing environment, in a variety of different ways. 


  • Reduces over all ticket count
  • Reduces time needed to remediate problems (MTTR)
  • Improves productivity across the entire business
  • Changes the culture of IT from reactive to pro-active


End-user Experience Analytics
No more guessing about your end-users' experience.


  80% of the time spent fixing a problem is finding it. Until now, there has been no way to see the end-user's experience. With Nexthink, your ability to actually see application crashes, slow log-on times, out-of-date software and whatever else is erroding your company's productivity, comes into view.

Real-time KPI Dashboards & Scorecards
Feedback is the breakfast of champions.


  Research has proven that performance is greatly enhanced when teams can see for themselves how productive they are. Business value dashboards are nothing new but, ServiceClarity is different. It is built to adapt to just about any data set.  Plus, ServiceClarity has a proprietary integration engine that makes building custom connections easy.