Hosted Exchange

What is Hosted Exchange?

Hosted Exchange is a cloud solution in which the service provider manages the client’s email services, which are stored in the provider’s data center(s). This includes maintaining both the hardware (servers), software (licenses) and more. Email services are delivered back to the client along with other optional services such as anti-spam/anti-virus, archiving, and upgrades. Hosted Exchange is generally more customizable than Office 365 email (a similar solution from Microsoft):

Hosted Exchange vs. O 365

  Hosted Exchange Office 365
Environment Shared or dedicated Shared
Mailbox size Variable Fixed
Email Migrations Managed Manual
Customization Flexible Very limited
Support Dedicated team Very limited


Customer Example

A small customer had the same person running IT operations and acting as CEO. With a bold new growth plan over several years, the CEO knew he wouldn't be able to devote more and more time to managing employee mailboxes. Additionally, the firm needed to retain electronic data for legal purposes. The customer found a cost-effective Hosted Exchange solution from a provider that was both trustworthy and flexible enough to scale along with them. The solution included compliant email archiving, allowing end users to quickly and easily search through past emails and mitigating the customer's legal risk. In the process, the provider offered a seamless migration experience and direct cost savings of over 50%, as well as indirect cost savings in terms of the CEO's time.


Why Consider It?

* Exchange migrations * Higher availability & less downtime
* Cost –labor, infrastructure * Scalability
* Simplified management * Legal risks or compliance
* More features * Security concerns

Cloud Solutions

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