Top 10 Ways to Improve Your AWS 

Top 10 Tips for AWS.

Optimize - Manage Cost

  Detailed 23 pages written in concert with AWS. A quick read, loaded with good thinking on how to get control of cloud spend and how  HyperGrid can accentuate your gains:

  1. Start smart: provision the instance you need—no more, no less
  2. Stay smart—use continuous, data-driven instance optimization
  3. Look for life beyond EC2—embrace serverless computing
  4. Leverage reservations to reduce costs—start with EC2
  5. Model applications—not instances
  6. Centralize governance of Reserved Instances
  7. Anonymization is the enemy of accountability - tagging to the rescue
  8. Cost governance starts with proactive cost-management
  9. Autonomy does not have to mean unrestricted budgets
  10. Build an organization-wide, shared responsibility security model
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