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CIO/CTO as a Shared-Service

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There are many efficiencies found when you move to a shared platform. But most of us focus the technology efficiency. We don't have to deploy dedicated software or hardware and we trade the capital cost with a monthly or yearly OPEX. However, one of the big efficiencies found is the sharing of the engineering and life-cycle costs associated with management and operations. 

There is convergence of this shared-service concept with the fact that there are many ex-CIO/CTO types who are not looking for a full time job. They just want to apply what they've learned to helping other companies with their IT transformation. Liftoff manages a network of these women and men who are ready and willing to help other take the next step. These execs get your company on a path to control of your technology and make it serve you, helping to lay the groundwork for organizational change as well. 

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