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    5 Tactics Your SEO Agency Should be Suggesting.

    Posted by Dave Bondo on Wed, Oct 17,2012 @ 04:40 PM

    Seattle Internet MarketingAs a Seattle Internet Marketing agency we are often asked, “How do I get more traffic to my website using in-bound marketing.

    Blog – This is the number one thing you must begin to do.

    Each time you blog, it is measured as another page of content by search engines and blogging provides tons of opportunity to own equity in keywords.

    Educate. Think of your blog as the answer to someone’s questions. Why do people search? Most often it is because they have a question. If your blog reads like the answer to that question, you get positive brand recognition as well as the visitor. Remember, getting the visitor to your blog is only part of the challenge. The other part is to convert that visitor to a customer. If your blog leaves a lasting, positive impression, your chances are much higher to convert.

    Design your blog. Break up your blog so that it features headlines and images. Bold the first few words of the opening line of a subject. This gives the reader the chance to see, quickly, the reasons why they want to read the whole thing. Find an image that relates in some way to your content. It will attract the readers’ eye and help to draw them in.

    Put a call to action on your blog. Find a reason for the reader to continue to the next step with you by offering something of value in a designed ad space, probably at the bottom of your blog. Use this as a way to secure your reader’s email address by giving additional information for trade.

    Understand Twitter and tweet.

    I once heard someone describe Twitter as, “The world’s largest cocktail party.” I like that metaphor because in a large cocktail party, the guests are gathered into groups of subject matter. One group is talking about golf and another about the stock market and perhaps another group is chatting about politics, gardening, music, entertainment, etc. etc.

    Many people think Twitter is all about who follows who. They get confused when you talk about using Twitter for their business because they can’t imagine marketing to the people who follow them. The fact is, as in the ‘cocktail party’ analogy many people on Twitter are following conversations. The hash mark # ability of Twitter gives you an opportunity to join in the conversation with many others who do not know you. If you give these people in the #hash mark categories something to draw to, they will respond by visiting your website.

    Branding with Twitter – You can draw attention to your brand by tweeting into groups that aren’t necessarily related to your business. For example, you might have a favorite charity you support and by tweeting about it, you associate your brand with it. A sort-of borrowed equity.

    Tweet! – Remember… people are searching for words. If you are a source of information tied to those words, you begin the process of introducing yourself to the customer. Go ahead, blow your own horn. It will bring people to your website

    Make sure you’re set up correctly on Facebook & LinkedIn.

    On Facebook make sure you set up a business page – Chances are good you already have a Facebook account. But, it’s for sharing with family and friends your photos, your whereabouts, your preferences, groups, etc. Your Facebook business page should be a separate page which is managed by you. Here, you post your company news, recent photos, employee accomplishments, etc. Remember this is “Social Media”, try to be social.

    LinkedIn is kind of like Facebook for business. Here, use your profile like you would a resume. Again have a company page that you and your co-workers can all link to.        

    SEO Use “Long-tail Keywords.”

    If you sell widgets in Seattle, don’t try to own the keyword, “Widget,” right off the bat, particularly if you have competition for that keyword. Instead use long-tail keywords, which are really more like phrases than single words. Google ranks for the same phrases that visitors put in. People searching for widgets in Seattle will often times put “Seattle” into the search. These longer keywords are easier to gain attention. After you win with the longer keywords to can begin to take on broader, more general, short keywords.

    Set Goals, Track & Measure

    Challenge yourself to hit a target somewhere in the future. This will drive your efforts to stay current. It will also force you to measure your results. Measure how your traffic is trending and how your visitors are getting to you. Make sure, when you build your calls to action and landing pages that you build in a way to keep track of how many people are on your website because of your efforts.

    Unlike general advertising where educated guesswork and "perceived" results are the most common ways to measure effectiveness, in-bound marketing leaves little to the imagination as to what's working. Use these proven ideas to boost your traffic, increase leads and get sales.


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