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    Top 10 Strategies to Manage Cost and Continuously Optimize AWS - Strategy #10 - Build an Organization-wide, Shared Responsibility Security Model

    Posted by HyperGrid on Fri, Apr 05,2019 @ 10:41 AM

    This is part 10 of a ten part series, "Top 10 Strategies to Manage Cost and Continuously Optimize AWS," which is excerpt from an eBook by the same name, produced in cooperation from AWS by HyperGrid Cloud Management Platform. A link to download the entire eBook with all 10 strategies is located at the bottom of this post.




    AWS operates on a shared responsibility model, which is an excellent template for building a shared security model across the organization. By giving end-users the tools they need to monitor their own security and remediate issues, you convert security from a centralized function to one that is distributed across the organization.


    Lack of awareness is a major roadblock in achieving a shared security model. Very often, end-users are not aware of the security implications of their actions and rely on centralized audits to highlight issues that they will address.


    By giving your users autonomy to operate in the cloud, but without sharing the responsibility of security with them, you are creating the same security bottlenecks that are found in the on-premise data center. A centralized team, far removed from the details of the applications, will inevitably create a perimeter-based security model—which we know is not applicable to the cloud.


    By giving end-users visibility into the security implications of their activities, you can create an organization-wide culture of transparency and compliance.


    AWS has a built-in tool called Trusted Advisor, which can check the status of your resources against AWS Best Practices and can manually remediate.

    Third-party tools allow you to expand on this list by checking security against a number of other parameters, in addition to making it easier to pinpoint and remediate the issue. The Cloud Compliance and Security module built into our HyperCloud solution provides a compliance dashboard to visually map the status of all your resources. It pinpoints non-compliant resources, along with providing a link to the specific resource to allow for easy remediation. In many cases it also offers instant remediation of these issues with one-click automated actions.


    By sharing security responsibility with the end-users and empowering them with the right tools, you can afford to give them the autonomy they expect in the cloud, along with the accountability to be responsible for the security that goes with it.

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