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    Top 10 Strategies to Manage Cost and Continuously Optimize AWS - Strategy #2 - STAY SMART

    Posted by HyperGrid on Tue, Feb 12,2019 @ 09:57 AM

      This is part 2 of a ten-part series, "Top 10 Strategies to Manage Cost and Continuously Optimize AWS," which is an excerpt from an eBook by the same name, produced in cooperation from AWS by HyperGrid Cloud Management Platform. A link to download the entire eBook with all 10 strategies is located at the bottom of this post.



    Choosing the right instance is only the first step toward cost optimization. The cloud is a very dynamic environment. AWS is expanding choices for instance type regularly, and your business needs are constantly evolving. Making a data-driven choice is a great start, but it is just as important to stay on your feet and constantly evaluate choices available for optimization.


    Instance Inertia: even though the process of making a change is simple enough, it can be difficult to make a change without having any conclusive evidence of either cost gains or performance improvements.

    The cloud presents a number of arbitrage opportunities: instance families, generations, types, and regions. The pricing differences between these can be leveraged in the interest of cost optimization. However, the large number of choices available can make it very difficult to do this manually, and instance-optimization at scale needs a data-driven solution.

    Continuous re-evaluation of your instance choices will help ensure that you’re always staying ahead of the pricing changes in AWS, as well as your business requirements. However, this does not mean you should “change for the sake of change.” Change comes at a cost and with its own risks; you should have a mechanism in place to perform a cost-benefit evaluation before making a change.

    This can be difficult to do at scale, so we’ve added an Instance Optimization service in our HyperCloud Analytics product. This service allows you to leverage the different arbitrage opportunities available within AWS. By continuously sizing and pricing all alternatives in the EC2 family, HyperCloud Analytics is able to suggest alternative instance types and families (or even generations) that can meet your SLA requirements at a reduced cost. By presenting the cost savings, HyperCloud Analytics allows you to use financial justification to drive proactive changes in cloud usage across the organization.

    Continuous instance optimization will help you stay ahead of the pricing curve and leverage cost-optimization without investing in any structural or architectural changes to your applications.

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