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Vendor Alignment Services

Call Center
Cloud Voice

Access a comprehensive array of telephony and call center vendors through our team of experts. With expertise across more than 100 service providers, we guide your selection based on your company's size, type, and technical environment. Our goal is to ensure a seamless fit, facilitating the integration of communication solutions that align with your specific business requirements. Count on us to simplify the vendor selection process, providing informed recommendations for an optimized telephony experience.

Man in Suit

Christian V.

"Liftoff lined up 3 vendors. Our choice was one we previously hadn't even heard of."


The competitive landscape for this category changes daily. Our team of cloud-savvy experts have spent many hours solutioning with our portfolio of cloud service providers and researching new ones. We invite you to take advantage of our collective knowledge to simplify your decision and guide you towards the perfect vendor-match for:

  • Infrastructure as a Service

    • Public, private, hy-brid​

  • Platform as a Service

  • IT as a service

  • DR and Backup as a Service 

  • Desktop as a Service

Woman in Suit

Heidi R.

"Liftoff IT did a thorough job of aligning us with the perfect vendors."


Keep up with the expanding demands on cyber-security with vendor-match for cyber-security, a logical approach to simplifying your search for the perfect cyber security partner. We do all the heavy lifting for you, researching your requirements and introducing you to providers who have proven their competencies to our engineers. We'll get you 80 percent of the way to a decision in no time. The rest is up to you. Streamline your cyber security selection process with vendor-match.

Professional Smiling Woman

Patricia K.

"We were trapped into believing we needed to do everything ourselves. Out-sourcing our SOC allowed us to stay focused on projects."


C-level consultants are here to help you with organizational change, technology transformation, or a security challenge. Our subject matter experts will help get your business on the right path for your digital transformation journey.

Man in Gray Suit

Casey H.

"The gray-beard that Liftoff assigned to us really got us thinking about where we want to be in 5 years."


From traditional approaches like MPLS, to more modern options like SD-WAN and beyond, we have solutions for any issue. Work with us to find which option best meets your needs for performance, cost, and resilience today.

Confident Smile

Kim T.

"Nice to have someone who doesn't have an axe to grind. Agnostic vendor selection really served us well."

IT as a Service

Our IT support partners have gone through rigorous training, and we’re proud to say we’re officially certified to work with Dell/EMC, HP, Cisco and a dozen other OEMs. We take pride in our dedication to fantastic customer service, as well as great results.

Man in a Suit

George F.

"I was skeptical that an outside I&O team could really learn our environment. I have to say I'm more than satisfied."

Ready to Get Started?

Our subject matter experts generally have the first few questions to get us in the ballpark, with this information, we will provide you with several options for the specific service you are looking for. From there,  we will redefine the list even more based upon further needs.

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